Harsh conditions?

 No problem, we know how to deal with it.

Our self-adhesives solutions apply to a wide range of harsh surfaces
As per the industry’s standards, it is important that these labels maintain the required characteristics over the time therefore keeping active the purpose they have been built for. In Carlucci we know the importance of these matters, this is why we closely work with our supplier so to be always updated with the most advanced materials and be ready to offer the best quality for such an important market.


                  Application areas
-    Metals, such as automotive components see the development of high tech labels designed for i.e. engines and for both interiors and exteriors;
-    Fuels, tires and outdoors goods that need long lasting performances;
-    Batteries, durables and low energy surfaces.

When it comes down to identification matters, labels have a prominent role that needs to be addressed in a proper way. This principle applies even more if we take into account the industrial and logistics markets in which the lifetime of a label is fundamental for the good to be correctly displaying its technical/normative information.

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