You have to emerge and accomplish something more than good looking to prevail in the home&personal care markets. 

Working with somebody who knows his business therefore knows how to highlight your identity is very important, particularly when it comes down to increasing your sales. With regards to featuring

a character, we join many years of specialized involvement and a new view on market trends to

foster the right label design both from a cost and brand identity point of view.

 The continuous launches of new items, the extension of existing
gamuts and the constant update of designs raises up the need to emerge on the counter and fortify the brand.

It is fundamental to demonstrate a top notch appearance,

a primary packaging with
unique features that stand out from the mass.

to be different

Competing on the shelf with many different brands, packaging of home&personal care products
have just a couple of seconds to
stand out from the others. This is exactly the moment in which your
label has to
make a statement and have its effect on the consumers.

Carlucci offers conventional and special papers and films that faithfully reflect the image of your
brand and communicate effectively the message you want to tell: labels designed primarily to
attract the attention of the consumer and encourage the purchase of the good in subject has never been so easy.

Extreme flexibility, ability to assist the customer and fast response to the needs of the market with production even in 24h, Carlucci produces labels for various uses with multicolour printing and combined techniques for consumer products of many large scale manufacturers.

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