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Counterfeiting is an ancient phenomenon, historically reserved for banknotes, coins, securities, checks, identity documents, passports, etc.

but recently the attack has extended to consumer products with serious economic and image damage to the manufacturing companies.

The threat becomes even more dangerous considering the serious risks to public health in the case of the

counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products.

The products to which the forgers pay the greatest attention 

Software, DVDs, CDs, accessories and electronic components

Luxury goods (high fashion, accessories, leather goods, watches, perfumery, etc.)


Pharmaceutical products




Consumer goods in the various product sectors, especially of well-known and prestigious brands



Types of anti-counterfeiting labels

HI-TECH inks (visible and invisible UV, visible and invisible only readable with appropriate reading devices, thermochromic, etc.)


embedded multi-colored printing with different technologies 


 variable numbering 


the printing of automatically readable codes associated with verification systems


printing on watermarked paper (eg pharmaceuticals for SSN)


hidden coloured printing fabric using special inks

Often the overturn results in the difficulty for less developed territories in accessing the right devices to spot such counterfeitings so it is important to keep these anti-counterfeiting features as much accessible as possible.

use the cursor as if it were a smartphone

use the cursor as if it were a paint scanner

use the cursor to discover the electronic label

The measures adopted against the phenomenon are addressed, if not to eliminate it, to contain its
spread making complex the falsification of products through the adoption of one or more identifying
elements that are difficult to reproduce. Such elements can be covert or overt.

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