The history of Carlucci begins on March 30, 1969 due to the entrepreneurial spirit of a great personality linked to the industrial context of central Italy.

FROM 1969


The Carlucci story began in 1969, thanks to the highly innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Mario Carlucci. Since the very beginning, our success was based on a unique development model based on the perfect balance and synergy of three elements: advanced technology, continuous staff training, strict compliance with company procedures. Thanks to the perfect interaction of these three factors, we are able to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market, ensuring our clients achieve their objectives.

The foundation of the factory is my father’s belief: we often misconstrue that in an industrial context the only difference is in the technologies. Although these play an important role, equally important is the training of human resources and compliance with strict business protocol procedures. Without these three factors, the factory would not have the right balance to operate its business properly and we, as board of directors, would not have the control we want of our departments.


Fernando Staino Giocondi
CEO of the factory


"Make a Statement - Highlight your Identity"

is the credo of our philosophy that aims to affirm the identity of every single customer on the market through a perfect reproduction and conformity of the requested product.

Half a century later, Carlucci is still in the midst a journey which through the course of its development changed its characteristics and appearance, and is currently renewing its ambitions and pursuing innovation with the same entrepreneurial spirit conceived on March 30, 1969


Carlucci owes its avant-garde philosophy to the extraordinary dedication of every component of the structure and to a series of distinctive traits of its character that today are the foundations of the corporate culture


These are values ​​that we not only mention as a guide to our actions but as the key principles of a philosophy that has led the factory to successfully obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certifications.

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